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Thinking About School

Being 25, in a dead-end job, and out of school has me really thinking; Surely, there has to to be more out there than minimum wage and part-time jobs. Since I dropped out of college (due to financial strain) with only one course left to complete my Accounting Diploma, everyone’s been edging for me to go back although, accounting really isn’t my passion. I know, I know, why go to college and spend so much money just to take something you don’t like? Pressure and time I guess.

What I really like to do is figure out how things work, collect odd bits of info, and mess around with software. So what can I go back to school for that will incorporate all the things I like to do anyways? I figured either becoming a developer or a software engineer. I mean I still have time right? I’m only 25 afterall, almost with an accounting diploma under my belt.

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I want that one; Notepad++

The text editor I’m choosing is Notepad++. I find it easy, simple, and  to be honest it was the first i actaully downloaded when I decided that I’m going to get into coding. To be fair I did try ConTEXT, and attempted to download E Text Editor (it wouldn’t download for some reason). Context was failry easy to use as well, but I just wasn’t feeling the layout. Notepad++ has the line number on the side, the option to run the code in one of 4 browsers, as well the funcuality to open multiple pages of code and view them all at once.

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Html By Hand

Html By Hand

This is my HTML by hand task. It posed a bit more of a challenge to complete that I had expected, especially with the spacing. Even in my final attempts you can see that my spacing is a bit off but it was the best one I had. This excercise took me about 6 tries to recreate the code from memory. The biggest problem I had with recreating this piece form memory was getting fustrated with myself for keep messing up because I use to make themes for this social site I use to be on, back when I firt discovered HTML.

Man it’s going to be a lot of fun once I get this down.

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My Magnificent First Post

Well this is my first post on my new blog. As it says I would’ve made a Tumblr Blog but you see I already have a tumblr, by the same name. Not that it isn’t a great place to practice everything I have here it’s just that it’s too much of a distraction for me .

If you visited my about page you’d see that I stated that I am a college dropout. I was doing accounting but I left just 2 courses shy of my diploma simply because I grew tired of accounting. It was never anything that I liked, just something I was good at.

I will be using this blog to showcase my knowlegde in Japanese and coding. Currently, I am going through webmaking 101 at P2PU with the hopes of learning some useful coding . And am currently going through TextFuGu and WaniKani to build upon my limited Japanese.